Let’s Talk Health,
Not Hard Hats

For many New Zealand businesses, workplace safety is now top of mind.
But what about the health of your employees? Are you being negligent?

Erudite Occupational Health makes it easy for your organisation to reduce employee health risk
and fulfil your obligations as a responsible employer.

Automate your Obligations Protect your Business

What Is Erudite OH

Erudite OH is a cloud-based occupational health platform designed to help organisations proactively manage employee health monitoring, pre-employment and wellbeing activities

Risk Compliance Tracking

  • Automatically monitor health risks & trends and take immediate corrective actions
  • Set notifications based on results of (or missed) health assessments

Reporting & Analytics

  • Select the health metrics you want to capture and report
  • Enable easy and customisable reporting of all employee data
  • Import & leverage external data (e.g. insurer, absence)

Booking Management

  • Enable self-booking of employee medical assessments
  • Simplify company-wide immunisation programmes
  • Facilitate pre-appointment questionnaires & consents

Electronic Health Record

  • All health monitoring activities are attached to an individual employee’s EHR
  • Ensure all information is centralised & categorised
  • Only applicable information is viewable

Occ. Health Provider Access

  • Dashboard access for OHPs to manage employee health assessments & scheduling in a single location
  • Full automation of billing & reconciliation
  • Voucher redemption

Multiple User Permissions

  • Enable all stakeholders to access and enter data against an individual’s EHR
  • Determine specific access rights for Managers, Employees/Candidates and Healthcare Providers

Cloud Access

  • Works from all internet connected devices, ensuring seamless access across smartphones, tablets & desktops
  • No installation required & immediate access

Secure Data

  • Reduce long-term data storage and security costs
  • Encrypted access & role-based security
  • High availability servers with multiple levels of redundancy


Ten times more people die each year from work-related diseases than work-related safety incidents, and 30,000 people develop serious but non-fatal work-related ill health in NZ annually.

Health and Safety are two different things

Though the profile of health & safety has been lifted significantly recently, occupational health still lags behind as companies struggle to handle the complexity associated with health monitoring.

You may already have a general Health & Safety system in place, but can it actively monitor the health of your employees, track results of health screening activities, and manage 30+ years of data?

Every day, our intuitive systems show employers the impact their working environment has on employee health, and the impact employee health has on their ability to work.

With this knowledge, you can monitor and manage health risks effectively, while meeting compliance standards.

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No Longer a Choice,
but an Obligation

Imagine if WorkSafe came knocking tomorrow…

  • Could you reasonably demonstrate that you are actively monitoring the health of your staff?
  • Do you have a sustainable, secure method of keeping records relating to health monitoring activities?
  • Could you easily source an employee health data report if required?

If the answer is ‘no’ to any of the above, it is cause for concern. Unfortunately, many New Zealand companies remain dangerously non-compliant of current health monitoring standards.

Get on the Path to Compliance


Your Processes

While you should already be monitoring and recording health risks, you now need to proactively identify and manage these risks, which is logistically difficult. Erudite helps to reduce this burden:

  • Simple and reliable way to manage health data and risks without cutting corners, burdening staff or increasing resource
  • Automate processes that are manual, repetitive or require consistent follow-ups or closeouts
  • Make audits/board reporting easy
  • Reduce risk and lower regulatory compliance cost
  • Leave more time to focus on high-level preventative tasks

By combining powerful automation and the instant flow of data, you will know exactly where you stand on compliance.

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Diverse Expertise

  • Helping to Create a
    Healthier Workplace

    Safety practices for high-risk, manual activities are vitally important for the prevention of workplace injuries and falls, however data reveals that many issues point to the physical and psychological health of workers in ways that are not addressed by a traditional H&S approach or system.

    Erudite OH gives your organisation the ability to tracks health risk factors and identify trends and causes early.

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  • Every Business is Different

    Each business case comes with a unique set of challenges, and we understand that what applied last time, may not apply next time. Erudite Occupational Health is flexible and can be tailored to suit your unique requirements.

    Our team of highly skilled consultants will work with you to establish the most efficient and effective way to deliver your pre-employment and health monitoring programs.

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  • Change From Above

    Workplace occupational health requires active support and participation by senior leadership—this goes beyond simply endorsement and involves active and visible participation. Senior leaders must embrace the creation of the vision, walk the talk, hold management accountable through KPIs; and reward success.

    There is now a growing understanding that the current status quo is no longer an option, and more must be done to track, identify, remedy and report on employee health risks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We make it easy and accessible for your organisation to reduce employee health risk and fulfil your obligations as a responsible employer

We already have a health & safety system in place.
Why do we need your software?

There is a clear distinction between a health and safety system and an occupational health system. Typically, a health and safety system will tracks incidents, hazards and training. Whereas an occupational health system is based on an Electronic Health Record (EHR) and captures all data relating to employee health monitoring. It also automates much of the process, in addition to providing powerful reporting and analytics tools.

We outsource the management of our occupational health to a third party.

Although possible to outsource management of your occupational health programme to a third party provider, you cannot delegate compliance liability, and the buck will still stop with directors should you display non-compliant behaviour. By working with Erudite, you assume control of your own occupational health management and data, and aren’t reliant on a third party.

Another key factor is that all health monitoring records must be kept for at least 30 years (40 years in asbestos related cases), therefore it is vital that businesses have a controlled, systematic approach to data management, internally.

Isn’t this more than we need? Our paper records are fine to meet our obligations.

How long does your H&S manager spend to prepare a report that could instead be automated in seconds? The efficiencies that can be gained by implementing an effective Health Monitoring system are almost instantaneous.  Erudite OH saves significant time and employee resource.

How easy is Erudite OH to implement?

Erudite OH is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Our specialist team will guide you through the setup process, and we can have your environment up and running in a matter of days, and your first users trained within hours of that.

Our expertise in the field of health & wellbeing, combined with excellence in software development and support, ensures we deliver a solution that meets even the toughest of expectations.

Can Erudite OH be integrated with other systems?

Erudite OH compliments your existing workflow requirements at an organisational level, and offers almost limitless flexibility to integrate with your existing systems.

For Directors/Senior Managers

Under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015, directors have ultimate responsibility for the health & safety of their employees. Are you fulfilling your obligations?

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For Health & Safety Managers

How much of your time is spent sourcing and collating employee health data versus actually focusing your time on high-level preventative tasks?

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We can assess your compliance status based on your existing processes, data collection and reporting capabilities.
We’ll also demonstrate how Erudite can streamline your processes and reduce the burden of day-to-day compliance.