Data-driven, patient-focused healthcare software with a track record of success

Expertly aligning positive financial and health outcomes since 2002.

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Erudite is a leading healthcare software consultancy offering real knowledge and experience
of the medical field to shape solutions for diverse industry requirements

Our Philosophy

Rooted in epidemiology, learn how our unique approach is different to others in the industry, and how this definitively influences the results we achieve.

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Our Value

Discover how our twin expertise in both software development and health, has led to the creation of a world-class developmental framework that we’ll use to achieve your goals.

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Our Process

We identify the key pieces of data that are required to deliver a rational, cost efficient healthcare system that solves even the toughest of challenges.

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Our Work

Learn how we have worked with organisations to solve operational problems, drive efficiencies and achieve unparalleled cost savings, all while improving clinical outcomes.

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Humanising Healthcare Software

Where achieving positive patient outcomes and real financial efficiencies go hand-in-hand.

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