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We firmly believe that software must always be viewed an enabler of change, rather than a driver.
Erudite will work with your business to discover how to align your underlying operating model with a
custom software solution that can result in significant, and sometimes unexpected, efficiencies.

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A Comprehensive, Flexible Framework for Health

The future of healthcare is in ensuring everyone is on the same page for expectation, knowledge, treatment and ongoing support. Built around the core of the electronic health record (EHR), our Acuros framework is grounded in the academic principle of epidemiology.

Using Acuros as a basis for custom healthcare software applications lets us focus immediately on innovations to make your product unique. This means reduced costs and that your product gets to market much faster than starting from scratch.

Acuros enables workflow automation, better clinical decision support and improved information sharing capability.

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Why Acuros?

  • Manage patient data to provide a core user management model and auditing capability
  • Map relationships between patients and their care team
  • Integrate rapidly – Acuros integrates with other systems using any of the standard formats
  • Secure data – modeled on proven methods across a range of contexts, Acuros meets the requirements

Acuros is designed for the future of healthcare as it is emerging internationally, where data updates and sharing are central to the vision of better patient outcomes.

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Areas we Add Value

Our skill is in understanding the data that needs to be collected to measure the performance of any healthcare system.
Once we have this, we can discuss the opportunities available to you and develop a clear end-to-end vision for your desired healthcare outcomes.

  • Information Sharing

    Get on the Same Page

    Clinical information in Acuros can be accessed across any connected device, anywhere, any time. Instantaneous, cross platform updates ensure all involved parties have access to the latest information, as soon as it becomes available.

    Practitioners who are working in a broader context (e.g. community based providers/external research) often find that their systems do not cater for their need to move information across organisational boundaries. Acuros solves this.

     Effective sharing of person-centric information across the continuum of care can:

    –  Improve collaboration between providers
    –  Improve patient safety and care quality
    –  Reduce the time between fundamental research and its application in a health service delivery context
    –  Increase the effectiveness and efficiency with which the health system can address the needs of individuals in a personalised way

  • Data Integration & Risk Management

    Use More than Instinct

    When using information systems, healthcare providers often need to bring together information from multiple information sources to support decision-making. Because this data collation is often performed manually, it is difficult to extract meaningful insights on a chosen population, and insights and decision support are predominantly retrospective.

    Acuros is capable of real-time decision support and rule-based risk management, which aids practitioners in making crucial decisions on a daily basis. Acuros can integrate clinical providers, administrators, health funders and patients into a system where key information is readily accessible. Our aim is to standardise the context under which data is captured, so that it is more reliable and useful for extracting real-time population data.

    Our systems have:

    –  Advanced functionality to interrogate and analyse datasets, in order to derive insights into populations
    –  The ability to translate insights into action, by providing evidence-based decision support

  • Productivity

    Ditch the Pen & Paper

    The hidden cost of a poorly designed system has an adverse impact on the day-to-day tasks and activities of healthcare delivery.

    MBIE data indicates that health sector productivity has dropped 0.2% year-on-year since 2001 and that real GDP created per hour paid is $39 per hour – well below the New Zealand average of $48 per hour.

    Practitioners may find that existing systems do not necessarily provide all the information that they require, so pen and paper continue to act as a supplement to these systems. This results in rekeying of information or the need to reference both systems and paper files, resulting in productivity losses.

    Acuros eliminates duplication and redundant data, while improving care coordination.

  • Patient Engagement

    Help Them Help You

    The term ‘primary care’ is somewhat of a misnomer. The first thing people do when they are concerned for their health, is think what they can do for themselves. The second is to seek advice from friends and family, and in recent times, the internet. Only then do they often seek professional help.

    Erudite understands the importance of self-help and self-accountability in a healthcare context.

    Using Acuros, we have developed pre-primary health portals that leverage the ability to serve up digital health data in real-time, allowing practitioners as well as patients themselves, access to key health data. Acuros is a platform for Precision Medicine, and encourages highly indivudalised care models.

    Consumer engagement around their health and wellness is key to implementing a preventative or primary care led strategy, and Acuros is key to achieving this.

  • Preventative Pathways

    Identify Early

    New Zealand’s health sector costs are on the rise, and in the face of an ageing population and on-going inflation of medical costs, this trend is likely to continue. Long-term conditions are set to present a major health burden.

    Acuros enables you to identify chronic conditions early on, and ensure patients are put onto healthcare pathways sooner rather than later, resulting in the reduction of hospital stays and resources.

    Our approach lends itself to a learning culture, which continues to look and reflect on where clinical outcomes may be improved and thus cost efficiencies realised.


A Corporate Context

We have developed our healthcare software and consultancy to be responsive to the full spectrum of challenges characteristic of health, a more dynamic setting than many arenas where software is used as a solution.

In addition to traditional primary health environments, we work with large corporates to provide occupational and diagnostic health platforms to collect and report on the well-being of staff in a range of contexts. Our work in the corporate sphere spans multinational insurers, banks, consultancy firms and energy companies.

Achieving optimal employee performance is a key catalyst for increasing revenue, and having a clear picture of staff wellness can directly and positively impact your bottom line. Our industry-specific solutions can show a picture of staff strengths and weaknesses, with automated performance recommendations provided at a strategy level. This data can empower management to realise cost savings, interdepartmental productivity increases or work towards another unique performance goal.

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