Roadmaps to effective
Patient-focused solutions

The way you understand your situation, and the results you experience, are connected.
Our approach will help identify the blindspots in your operating model and shape a solution that works for you.

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First, we analyse the population we are creating a solution for – no two groups are the same, so identifying their uniqueness is central to the way we proceed. That allows us to develop a solution – going to the core in this way results in cost efficiencies as well as better clinical outcomes.

We spend time not just with your team, but with relevant stakeholders and other parties to understand difference facets of your situation

Though our systems are designed to address today’s problems, these patterns may also help to foresee future issues and enable them to be mitigated before they become issues.

Our healthcare experts bring a wealth of experience and insight across such areas as electronic health records, health information systems, patient portals, remote patient monitoring and mobile health applications.



Using our extensive experience in digital health information technology, we will build a system using proven architectures and effective development methodologies that will streamline your healthcare operating model. Our innovative Acuros framework ensures faster time-to-market and a lower total cost of ownership than competing technologies.

We ensure a first class user experience through a deep understanding of the people using the platform, and their response to the technologies involved. Our understanding of regulatory design implications ensures usability and patient safety are paramount. Benefit from the best of both worlds: world-class consumer design, and in-depth medical insight.

Our solutions are developed in line with the six domains of healthcare quality, in that they are safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient and equitable.



An innovative healthcare platform is only as good as the strength of its delivery infrastructure and responsiveness of support and further innovation.

Ongoing support ensures incremental improvements thanks to effective monitoring. Once the solution has been “lived in”, we can identify where further efficiencies can be achieved, as well as mitigate any potential problems that cause roadblocks.

We understand that speed and reliability are key to the success of our solutions, and ensure they are supported by appropriate infrastructure that maintains high efficiency while minimising cost.

The key with what we do, is having an approach that is rigid enough to provide a reliable framework, and has the flexibility to cope with a wide range of projects addressing health outcomes in a variety of ways. This well-defined and agile process ensures that each member or our team understands what’s happening at each stage of the project life cycle.

From conception through to design, we are dedicated to ensuring that healthcare solutions improve interdisciplinary team effectiveness, patient engagement and patient outcomes.

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