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Without the Hefty Price Tag

Erudite Framework gives you the basis elements of a core health system,
allowing you to get the benefits of a custom solution, cost effectively.

What Is Erudite FW

Erudite FW is comprised of a number of common features that are prominent across many health systems. These can then be tailored to your organisation and processes.

Electronic Health Record

Erudite FW is built upon a Electronic Health Record (EHR). An effective EHR is vital to all effective healthcare applications in providing accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about patients at the point of care.

An effectively implemented EHR gives health providers a safe and secure method to store patient information, that can easily be accessed by them or a colleague.

Reporting & Analytics

There is a standard suite of reports available for your clients to access. Any specific reports can be designed in conjunction with your requirements.

All reports within the standard suite pull data from the live database. Raw data is also made available, should you have your own report writing technology.

Device Agnostic

Erudite FW works on all internet connected devices, meaning seamless, user-friendly access across:
• Smartphones
• Tablets
• Desktops

Stakeholder Access & Roles

Erudite FW enables multiple stakeholders to access and enter data against an individual’s EHR. This includes health, wellness and rehabilitation providers, specialists, employers and the employee or candidate.

All stakeholders will have access to the platform, however set roles will determine what is accessible by the user. Roles and their security access levels can be changed to suit your requirements.


A range of billing reports are currently available within the standard reporting suite, and can be used to assist the billing process.

When reconciling provider activity, Erudite FW keeps a record of which Provider has completed which piece of work and who has been allocated outstanding work.

Additionally, Erudite FW can integrate with your internal accounting system/s for easy reconciliation.

Booking Management

Erudite FW is a fully integrated solution, which reduces time and resources required in administrating, monitoring and reporting on the booking progress.

The Erudite FW booking module includes the below functionality:
• Booking
• Self-registration
• Authentication to confirm identity when required (e.g. password verification or undertaking a health-related assessment)
• Pre-appointment questionnaires
• Consent

Framework for Health

The future of healthcare is in ensuring everyone is on the same page for expectation, knowledge, treatment and ongoing support. Built around the core of the electronic health record (EHR), our Health Software framework is grounded in the academic principle of epidemiology.

Using our framework as a basis for custom healthcare software applications lets us focus immediately on innovations to make your product unique. This means reduced costs and that your product gets to market much faster than starting from scratch.

Our product enables workflow automation, better clinical decision support and improved information sharing capability.

Erudite brings all stakeholders together on a single platform and integrates clinical, administrative and communication functions for all parties.

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Identify Early

Health sector costs are on the rise, and in the face of an ageing population and on-going inflation of medical costs, this trend is likely to continue. Long-term conditions are set to present a major health burden.

Our framework enables you to identify chronic conditions early on, and ensure patients are put onto healthcare pathways sooner rather than later, resulting in the reduction of hospital stays and resources.

Our approach lends itself to a learning culture, which continues to look and reflect on where clinical outcomes may be improved and thus cost efficiencies realised.

We’re your Enabler

We firmly believe that software must always be viewed an enabler of change, rather than a driver.

Erudite will work with your business to discover how to align your underlying operating model with a custom software solution that can result in significant, and sometimes unexpected, efficiencies.

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We can assess your current systems and processes and advise you on what would be the best step to take for your organisation, without any obligation.