A Dangerous Line of Work

Firefighters are exposed to a number of physiological stressors during the course of their duties, including smoke and carbon monoxide inhalation, physical exhaustion and dehydration. These workers not only face severe physical and psychological demands, but also risks of chronic or delayed adverse job-related health consequences. Occupational medical care for firefighters is needed to monitor for these long-term health risks.

Making Health a Priority

Erudite worked with the Department of Conservation to build a system to monitor the health of staff and volunteer firefighters to ensure that they are safe on the frontline. The system ensures firefighters, occupational health providers and managers are all notified when health reassessment is required.

Our system keeps records of assessments and occupational health consultations, and enables managers to know who is available on any given day. This facilitates a complex and constantly moving management exercise to be undertaken with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Brining the Human Touch to Healthcare Software

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