Resilience Diagnostic

Founded in 2002, The Resilience Institute delivers high impact, practical, evidence-based and integrated resilience training by bringing together modern preventative medicine, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and neuroscience.

Erudite has worked with Resilience since inception, providing software solutions that help them achieve their goals for clients. One of these solutions is Resilience Diagnostic.

Used by over 40,000 people in 300 organisations, Resilience Diagnostic provides detailed insight into resilience at all levels of human function as well as employee performance. Reporting on 60 factors of resilience, participants receive individualised recommendations and a comprehensive self-development toolkit.

Irrefutable Impact

A professional firm applied resilience in leadership development and realised:

  • 39% increase in daily fitness
  • 19% increase in daily relaxation
  • 26% less overactive mind at night
  • 22% less distress

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