Your Smart, Agile Healthcare Framework

genius is an intelligent, cloud-based occupational health management framework
for individuals, funders, businesses and providers.

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At its core, genius focuses on inclusion, prevention, discipline adherence and data integration/aggregation within both the occupational health and clinical management contexts. The genius platform fosters an environment in which self-directed care principles are championed, health literacy is promoted and health inequities are reduced, thus improving quality of care and clinical outcomes.

genius facilitates effective and efficient management of employees, candidates and patients in a proactive manner, and provides real-time occupational health and treatment intelligence throughout the duration of an individual’s employment.

Flexible & Modular


genius offers a modular infrastructure that is built around a centralised Electronic Health Record (EHR). An innovative and unique suite of modules can be customised to create bespoke company applications.

Should you wish to modify or expand your service offering, you can do so with confidence that the platform can manage the changes.

Each opportunity comes with a unique set of challenges, and we understand that what applied last time, may not apply next time. That’s why our approach is about principles, not checklists.

Widely Adopted


genius’ core framework is the backbone of occupational health systems for governments, public health providers, insurers and private companies in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

We work across the healthcare spectrum, and view each genius implementation as a unique opportunity to drive efficiencies and positive financial and healthcare outcomes for our clients.

genius thrives is in its ability to handle any requirement, no matter how bespoke.


Intelligent Automation

Our skill is in understanding the data that needs to be collected to measure the performance of any healthcare system.
Once we have this, we can discuss the opportunities available to you and develop a clear end-to-end vision for your desired healthcare outcomes.

  • Booking Management

    A Fully Integrated Solution

    genius is a fully integrated solution, which reduces time and resources required in administrating, monitoring and reporting on the booking progress.

    The booking system is adaptable to suit any activity you wish to offer.

    As the booking is recorded against the EHR, the system can also prevent an individual from booking two of the same assessments within a certain timeframe. For example, an employee couldn’t book two or more influenza vaccinations within 10 months of the previous vaccination. This ensures your occupational health spend is as efficient as possible.

    The genius booking system displays real-time booking availability for your employees. As the system is fully integrated, the appointment is lodged against your employee’s health record – as opposed to other booking systems which are standalone and require ongoing reconciliation.

    Employees will be able to review progress on their individual dashboard, and text on the dashboard can be customised to suit your requirements.

    Administrators from your business can undertake bulk bookings on behalf of employees, which is particularly useful for organisations where employees have limited opportunity to make a booking online (e.g. labourers).

    Industry-leading Functionality

    Employees & candidates have direct access to the following functionality within the booking system:

    – Booking
    – Self-registration
    – Authentication to confirm identity when required (e.g. password verification or undertaking a health-related assessment)
    – Pre-appointment questionnaires
    – Consents

    Schedules can be created in advance but not released. Once the schedules that are released are full (or nearing capacity), the system will automatically release the other schedules.

    This prevents Healthcare Providers having to wait around due to large gaps in any schedule. Automation ensures the administration of schedules is minimal.

    Additionally, the genius booking system can be created within different time zones to benefit multi-national organisations.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Identify Key Data

    There is a standard suite of reports available for Managers/Administrators to access. Any specific reports can be designed in conjunction with your requirements.

    All reports within the standard suite pull data from the live database. Raw data is also made available, should you have your own report writing technology.

    As part of genius implementation, Erudite will work with you to ensure that any additional reporting requirements are added to the standard reporting suite.

  • Vouchers

    Streamline the Redemption Process

    genius offers a market-leading voucher redemption module which enables the creation of vouchers for any service or product that you wish to sell/provide.

    The status of the vouchers can be viewed online by all stakeholders.

    Unique identification numbers and other security techniques prevent the misuse of vouchers, while also significantly reducing administration time of legacy, paper-based systems.

  • Data Recording

    Immediate Access Across your Organisation

    Recording of data is a standard function for most online occupational health management systems.

    What sets genius apart from others is not only the ability for all stakeholders to have access to submit notes, reports and observations easily, but how the platform can be customised to create notifications and alerts based on results of assessments.

    genius’ fully integrated system means there is no requirement for the double entry of data.

    Employees/Candidates can access their summary medical record (e.g. flu vaccination history), and also have the ability to self-report; removing the need to repeat information to multiple providers.

  • Billing

    Reconcile with Ease

    A range of billing reports are currently available within the standard reporting suite, and can be used to assist the billing process.

    When reconciling provider activity, genius keeps a record of which Provider has completed which piece of work and who has been allocated outstanding work.

    Additionally, genius can integrate with your internal accounting system/s for easy reconciliation.

    Given the potential complexity and size of your network, full automation of your billing/reconciliation processes can result in significant efficiency gains. Erudite will work with you to achieve this.


Interact with External Providers

All external providers will have access to the genius platform, and their own dashboard outlining activities with timeframes.

On the dashboard, the Provider has access to today’s appointments, future schedules and open appointments that they are still working with. Each of these views provide access to the individual’s EHR and current encounter (booking) for easy navigation.

Erudite will work with you to identify the most efficient means of interacting with your Providers.


Integrate with Existing Systems

genius can manage and record all EHRs for your employees and candidates. The flexibility of the system enables multiple activities on the same EHR, and each activity may be defined by you. Activities are any item that can be attached to the EHR, such as a pre-employment assessment(s), influenza vaccination or health monitoring.

The core of the booking process is based on a State Engine, where the system determines what information is required during the process, based on how the activity has been defined. This enables true flexibility at the activity level.

genius can therefore compliment your existing workflow requirements at an organisational level, rather than crowbarring existing requirements into our solution. Additionally, genius offers almost limitless flexibility to integrate with your existing systems, and individual requirements will be identified as part of implementation.


Stakeholder Access & Roles

genius enables multiple stakeholders to access and enter data against an individual’s EHR.
This includes health, wellness and rehabilitation providers, specialists, employers and the employee or candidate.

Managers Administrators
  • Refer or make bookings for individual staff members to receive services
  • Standard maintenance functions (making, changing and cancelling appointments)
  • Setup schedules & workflows
  • Search based on schedule or by employee/candidate
  • View progress of appointments
    in real-time
  • No access to full medical files
Employees Candidates
  • Sign in online to make bookings, review and make changes if needed
  • Manage bookings via link in booking confirmation email
  • View a summary of medical history
  • Access medical content and assessments
Healthcare Providers
  • Review current and future schedules to confirm workload & assist in resource planning

Scale with Ease

genius is perfect for businesses and providers performing minimal occupational health work, to corporates needing access from multiple sites, simultaneously within the same system.

genius is already working in business environments with a small number of employees, through to those with 10,000+ employees. The platform is installed in both fixed and scalable environments.

This year we have achieved a throughput of 3,000 appointments per hour on our database server, demonstrating genius’ capability to manage volume.

Any user can sign on to the system at any time, irrespective of whether they are an Manager, Employee/Candidate or Provider.


Secure Data Partnership

Erudite partners with a leading New Zealand-based ICT systems integrator; who provides specialist Technology Solutions and Data Centre Services to the SMB, Government and Enterprise markets.

genius is currently operated on Tier 3 hosting services; ensuring optimal service delivery, a high level of data security and multiple levels of redundancy to ensure your system is always operating at full capacity.

Should you wish to host your own platform externally, data security must be top-of-mind, and we can consult on infrastructure requirements.


Simple & Supported

There is no installation required on any of your systems, or those of your partners. A training package is included which will allow you to administer the system and provide you with the necessary skills to train your own management staff, employees and providers; further enhancing the cost-effective nature of genius.

  • A Healthy Partner

    Erudite’s standard business model is to offer a fully supported service to our clients. Our support and development team are all located within our Auckland office, and we ensure you have the opportunity to meet with all team members who will be working directly on your project, face-to-face.

    When we designed genius, we designed it for the Cloud, rather than adapting the platform to suit the cloud. This means that you can have full confidence in the functionality and stability of our platform.

    Erudite can provide full management of:

    • Employee & Provider setup
    • Medical questionnaires (including layout)& assessments creation
    • Reporting
    • Schedules
    • Dynamic Client text
    • Dynamic email content
    • Administration permissions

  • Device Agnostic

    genius works on all internet connected devices, meaning seamless, user-friendly access across:

    – Smartphones
    – Tablets
    – Desktops

  • Offline Sync

    genius is designed as a web-based solution first and foremost. However there are few instances where internet access isn’t available, and offline functionality is required to limit any business disruption. Erudite can work with you to develop desired offline capabilities.


System Comparison

We are regularly asked to identify the key benefits of genius over alternative systems in the marketplace.
The following table outlines the functionality of these systems vs. genius (that we are currently aware of).

FunctionalityAlternative SystemsErudite genius
Online booking and scheduling system

Online voucher creation and redemption system

Self-branded and skinned system

Client portal access

Client dashboard

Online data recording

Historical data recall

Pre-employment health assessments

Automated referral management

Fully flexible to provide any assessments to suit client requirements

Annual health monitoring assessments

Health checks

Flu vaccination recording

Other vaccination recording & recall management

Health Risk Assessment questionnaires

Flexible reporting capabilities

Online goal setting and wellness solutions

Online health information and links

Unlimited Provider access

Unlimited Client access

Option to integrate with external systems (including financial)

Option to integrate assessment devices to minimise data entry

Ability to Manage
Client and Provider set up

Medical questionnaires and assessment creation



Client text

Email content